About SWAN

From past 200 years we have been conquering Nature, but now we have started beating it to death. It is high time that we should join hands and do something to save our eco-system before we cross the point of no return. The concern for Nature & Wildlife has assumed urgency due to the grim realization of its tragic depletion and the consequent threat it poses to man's own quality of life and his environment. Both Flora & Fauna preceded man on this planet and provided for him an environment where he could thrive in a beautifully, delicately balanced, inter-dependent and symbiotic co-existence. But in a tragically ironic turn around man has, of late, hastened to degrade and destroy the same and at the same rate will soon follow its demise. Scientific investigation, aspect of man's wellbeing, religion, moral code and culture emphasizes the importance of preserving Nature by protecting its Wildlife.

SWAN has been working for the cause of Wildlife and Nature from last 10 years and since its inception, it has produced 4 short documentaries. Immense efforts were undertaken to materialize these productions and their quality of content was widely appreciated by their respective target audiences. SWAN owes all its awareness spreading activities to the sole efforts of its founding President Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Langah and his few friends. Other than Documentary production some of the activities are:

The public can be made to realize the importance and relevance of wildlife in their historical and cultural context. Creating awareness and ultimately mobilizing people to protect and promote Wildlife is the main goal and will remain central to the mission of SWAN

Together we must save our Wildlife & Nature.