Activities & Updates

Crane Conservation in Pakistan

On 25th of July Crane Conservation Meeting was organized by SWAN (Save Wildlife and Nature) Organization in Lahore. The meeting was chaired by Mr. Farid-ud-din Ahmad and Mr.Badar Munir as Co-Chairman.In total twenty six participants attended the meeting.

The meeting started at 1500 sharp with the Recitation of Holy Quran and SWAN Introduction. President Ghazanfar Ali Khan Langah discussed the current status of Cranes Species in the World and also the current status and issues of four species of Cranes which are native to Pakistan followed by an exclusive preview of Video message of Cranes by George Archibald (Co-Founder International Crane Foundation USA). Mr Ashiq Ahmad Khan (Chief Technical Advisor, SWAN) highlighted the issue that there is no Crane Conservation Group in Punjab and today we all are united here to make this group. Our combined efforts will for sure bring the flyway routes of Cranes fearless for times to come. He said that Cranes are facing threats not only because of hunting/capturing but also due to the degradation of Wetlands. He discussed the hunting issue of Cranes with Ahmad Faraz who is member of Pakistan hunting Association.

Mr Talha Ali (Visiting Professor in NCA and Fast) said that the appropriate tools for saving Cranes include awareness among the local people, literacy, through motivation and penalty should be charged to the hunters. Another Speaker Mr. Sardar Moazam Khan Mazari said that through awareness hunting of Cranes can be controlled.

Mr. Haris Aziz Mazari said that the tourist's spots may be arranged at sites where Cranes stage.

Dr Sagheer Asghar Khan Newani said many Cranes were seen in Thal but now very few are seen therefore all efforts should be made to protect these birds for saving the beauty of Desert.

Mr. Shahnshah Rizvi said that through media conservation of Crane issue should be highlighted. People should be taught the importance of Cranes through Media.

At the end the Chairman of the meeting Mr. Farid-ud-din Ahmad was rewarded by SWAN's momento for his priceless help and services. The posters were distributed among the participants. The Chair thanked the participants and especially the twenty members of Crane Conservation Group Punjab who had given the willingness towards the conservation and the host for making this effort of saving Cranes.

Earth Week Seminar KC

Earth Week was organized by Kinnaird College in which a three day event was planned to mark the Earth Day celebrations on 28TH April. SWAN's (Save Wild Life and Nature) President Ghazanfar Ali Langah took an Earth friendly step by supporting and joining hands with young leaders of KES (Kinnaird Environment Society). He delivered inspirational speech over current environmental issues and ways to save Wild life of Pakistan to the students.

At the Event the documentaries portraying the current status and threats to WildLife of Pakistan were shown by SWAN (Save Wild Life And Nature) Organization. Informative material related to Wildlife of Pakistan were also distributed to the Students. Dr Rukhsana David, Principle Kinnaird College appreciated the Participation of SWAN and presented Ghanzanfar Ali Langah with a special gift.

World Earth Day 2011 by SWAN

SWAN was the first organization to celebrate Earth day 2011 in Lahore. It held a Seminar at Alhamrah Arts Council on the evening of the Thursday 21st April 2011. At the Seminar the President SWAN, Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Langah presented the objectives and mission of the organization and emphasized on the state of degradation in the Natural Health of our environment and Wildlife. The Chief speaker Mr. Ashiq Ahmed Khan who is also the Chief Technical Advisor SWAN very comprehensively explained the state of conservation in Pakistan giving its history, its present state and future prospects. Different visuals of the endangered species which he used in his Power point presentation not only supported his argument but also struck the audience with awe and surprise, for the naked truths of this degradation in wildlife & Nature is like a clear and present danger lurking on our heads.

A Document on 11 Eco zones of Pakistan was presented which was followed by the previews of up-coming documentaries by SWAN Organization. Each of the 4 films focused on National Parks (KHUNJRAB, HINGOL, KHIRTHAR) and NAGAR Park in Pakistan. These documentaries will be released in near future.

Audience was also delighted by the showing of one of the very famous documentary by SWAN Organization on the endangered species of Cranes in Pakistan it is called "The Cranes of Pakistan" a message by George Archibold Cofounder International Crane Foundation. After the show Mr Langah emphasized on the necessity of saving and rehabilitating the Crane species.

The program ended with the distribution of special achievement Awards to the friends who had extended their priceless help and services for the cause of SWAN in one way or another. A general distribution of posters and documentary CD was followed by tea.

This seminar was joined by many intellectual dignitaries and head of different Organizations of Pakistan, who are related to the issues of conservation of Nature in our country.

SWAN Organization the organizer of this Seminar has been working for the cause of Wildlife and Nature from last 10 years since its inception, it has produced 4 short documentaries, and 4 more are in the pipeline and will be released soon. SWAN owes all its activities to the sole efforts of its founding President Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Langah and his commited friends. Some of these activities are:

Lahore Zoo Re-furbished

Famous film Actress Reema Khan was appointed as Life time good will Ambassador of Lahore Zoo. A ceremony was organized on 19th February, at the launch of the final refurbished Lahore Zoo. On this occasion, Chief Guest of the ceremony Ghazanfar Ali Khan Langah President SWAN (Save Wildlife and Nature) presented copy of notification to Ms. Reema Khan. She visited the Zoo and adopted two fawns of Chinkara and Mauflon.

Bird Watching Tour In Khairpur And Lectures of Shah Abdul Latif University

On 27th February 2007 Ghazanfar Ali Langah President SWAN (Save Wildlife and Nature) organized a tour, along with his companions and foreign experts Marine Scientist Mauvis Gore from UK and Dr. Rupert Ormand from London University, to Mehrano Wildlife Refuge forthe identification of Water fouls which is a heaven on Earth. The tour was patronized by Prince Mir Mehdi Raza Khan Talpur, later the Foreign Experts and the President SWAN Organization Mr. Ghazanfar Ali Langah delivered lectures on their relevant subjects followed by documentary by SWAN Organization under the caption "Natural Treasures of Khairpur" in Shah Abdul Latif University Khairpur organized by Vice Chancellor and Head of the Botany Department Mr Raza Shah.

Healing Island Balochistan

SWAN's team went for a day long trip for the purpose of Scouting to the Heeling Island in Hingol Park (Balochistan).The Island is 90 metres high with a span of approximately three kilometers.It is said that the mud coming out of the volcano has heeling power. This mud dome seems to be formed by geo-excreted liquids and methane gas when hot water mixes with mud and surface deposits. Mud volcanoes are associated with subduction Zones and the Makran coastal area is in close vicinity of triple junction where three major tectonic plates - namely Eurasian, Arabian and Indian plates meet.

The geological field investigation for the emergence of Arabian Sea Sapt Island (ARSSI) revealed that the island is located 17 km from the Wad Bandar and 3.2 km from the Chadman coast. The island is spread over an area of 0.8 Sq. km and its height is 35 meters above sea level. There are five vents on the island which are still active and erupting mud with pressure. Methane gas emitted out from the vent-2 is highly flammable while vent-3 mostly reacts after four minutes with sound and pressure and mud is flown in the air up-to 15 meters.

The last time this mud volcano appeared on November 16, 2010.The island was also reported to have appeared 12 years ago. This mud dome seems to be formed by geo-excreted liquids and methane gas when hot water mixes with mud and surface deposits

Environment Conservation Walk, Bahuddin Zakriya University, Multan

On March 19th-2010 Walk was organized at Multan for awareness about Conservation of Environment in general and Wetlands in particular. Vice Chancellor Bahuddin Zakriya University, Dr. Zafarullah Khan, Mr Ashiq Ahmad Khan and Ghazanfar Ali Langah President SWAN (Save Wildlife and Nature) Organization led the environment conservation Walk along with a large number of students. At the end of the Walk Lectures and Documentary "Beauty of Wetlands in Pakistan" by SWAN (Save Wildlife and Nature) Organization was shown to the audience of Bahuddin Zakriya University, Multan.

Seminar on Biodiversity in Khushab

District Coordination Officer Khushab arranged a Seminar on Biodiversity for educating different walks of life in the District on the Subject emphasizing on Forest and Wildlife. Among other speakers Dr Abdul Aleem Chaudary and Ghazanfar Ali Langah President SWAN(Save Wildlife And Nature) delivered Lectures focusing on Conservation of Wildlife in Nature. SWAN's documentary "Beauty of Wetlands in Pakistan" was also viewed followed by discussion.