The Beauty of Wetlands in Pakistan

The first in this series comes under the caption "Beauty of Wetlands in Pakistan". Mr. Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri, the then Foreign Minister of Pakistan very kindly consented to grace its launching Ceremony on 23rd May 2005. This was aired by all prominent Tv channels on 2nd February 2006 AND 2007 being the International Wetland day.

The film shows how serene beautiful and important are the wetlands in Pakistan and how a huge variety of living beings get their sustenance from these marshes and mangroves. Each one of these wildlife species is critically important to the eco-system of the region hence must be saved from becoming extinct due to extreme Human interferences.

Chilgoza and Life

On the desire of Mr. Ashiq Ahmad Khan Chief Technical Advisor WWF - Pakistan 3rd documentary "Chilgoza and Life" was prepared on 20-6-07 portraying the importance of Chilgoza Forest ecosystem and its impact on the associated communities.

Cranes of Pakistan

For the preservation of fast disappearing Species of Cranes, inspired by the dedication of Dr George Archibald Co. founder of ICF (International Crane Foundation) Wisconsin USA, and Mr. Ashiq Ahmed Khan Chief Technical Advisor WWF Pakistan, our organizations stepped forward to join hands with them resulting in the launch of documentary "Cranes Of Pakistan" portraying there current status, threats to their existence emanating from an adverse interaction with the people of this region. The documentary suggests ways to scale down such threats through Education and Awareness Campaigns and Restructuring policies on the issue.

The documentary has already yielded very encouraging results by motivating and mobilizing the general public and the local administration to dramatically curb trapping thus preventing 1000s of cranes from netting and tragic fate.

National Treasures of Khairpur

Dignitaries and guests were invited to witness a great feat of wildlife preservation in Sindh. A second documentary "National Treasures of Khairpur" was viewed in Sindh club Karachi on 2nd September 2006. This was an accomplishment of HH Mir Ali Murad Khan Talpur and his son Prince Mir Mehdi Raza Khan Talpur in Preserving and protecting forest, wildlife and heritage in District Khairpur Sindh.

Dr T.J Roberts a world renowned Ecologist very generously acknowledged the initiative and offered to Support and advancement of the cause of SWAN.

The documentary was also viewed in Pakistan High Commission London in October 2006.

Hingol National Park (Coming Shortly)

The film shows the Bio-diversity of Hingol Nation Park. It portrays the richness of the fabric of nature in this vast landscape of Hingol Nature reserve region that is home to World's biggest mud volcanoes. It also shows the Coastal region of the Park with its aquatic and amphibious life. The miracle island of healing is also shown in the film. This island only rises once above the sea level after 10-15 years. Its mud is considered to have healing powers for people suffering from numerous skin diseases.

Emphasize is given to the preservation of this Nature reserve.

Kirthar National Park (Coming Shortly)

This film shows the present state of Kirthar National Park. It shows in details the landscape, its environment and its wildlife. It also sheds light on the effect of Global Warming in the region.

Indus Blind Dolphin (IBD) - Bhulan (Coming Shortly)

The film depicts how ignorant man can be when faced with fears of his own demise during his contact with other animal species he understands very little about.

The main protagonist of the film is Indus River's Blind Dolphin.

The film starts with a fiction story of a man and his early childhood contact with the Indus River Dolphin. Later this fiction story is further interlinked to a documentary style visual documentation of facts & figures about IBD (Indus Blind Dolphins).

The film's background is of a river boat house community in River Indus, where the hero of our fiction story has grown up like so many of his other generations in the past and in future to come.

The treatment of the film is half part fiction story and half part documentary narration.

The fiction part of the film develops the fact that lack of awareness about the behaviors and existence of IBD can result into fatal consequences for the less fortunate ones. In our fiction story the hero develops a fear and hatred against IBD due to an early childhood contact and lack of awareness.

The hero was once actually saved by an IBD from drowning when he was 3 years old. At that time he got scared and as a drowning man fights with his rescuer so did he. In this confusion the dolphin who was trying to save the child got entangled in the nearby swaying piece of fishing net.

Now the dolphin in trying to free itself as well as trying to keep the child afloat starts rolling around as if about to dive in deep. In the meanwhile the father appears at the scene and to his horror he sees his child drowning because a thrashing dolphin is holding on to the child. The father assumes that the dolphin is going to dive in deep with the child. Father also jumps in, saves the child and kills the dolphin with his dagger.

Now the father and child lives in hatred for all dolphins all through their lives. The child grows up into a handsome fisherman. He hates the dolphins more than his father has ever thought him to. His vengeance sees to it that dolphins be killed in every operation he bounds himself to.

Soon the fisherman (hero) has a family. One day he spots his 5 yrs. old child in the river. To him it seems history is repeating itself. It's the same scene. Child entangled to a dolphin that in turn is stuck in a net and freakishly trying to free itself and at the same time trying to dive in the river with the child and the net.

Now the hero fisherman also dives in to save his child. As he swims near, to his astonishment he realizes that his child was actually playing with the dolphin, the child even has a name of his Dolphin friend "BHULAN".

At this the fisherman's own memory flashes back in speed. He realizes that all his life he kept on thinking wrong that dolphin tried to kill him. In reality the dolphin which his father killed was actually trying to save his life. This realization awakens in him a dire need to start a school for the young of his community where he starts teaching to spread the awareness of Dolphin's friendly nature and its other traits. He ends up making an organization by the name of "SAVE BHULAN - Bhulan Ko Bachao" where rescue missions are taken up to save the stuck up dolphins to rehabilitate their fragmented population.

In his school what he teaches to young people about IBD is basically the facts and figures about the fragmented IBD population between different barrages built on Indus River at different locations. This documentary section visually documents the facts sheet of IBD. This last part of the film is treated as in Direct Narration Documentary style.

Khunjrab National Park (Coming Shortly)

There was a time when these highest most Peaks of the World swarmed with Snow leopards, Ibex and Markhors. Then came the time when all these wild animals were eradicated by hunters and poachers. But in 2007 through continuous efforts of Mr Ashiq Ahmad Khan (Chief Technical Advisor SWAN Organization) these species were brought back to their homeland. The idea of Trophy hunting by the Advisor has now brought happy Life in the communities and Wildlife in Khunjrab National Park.

Nagar Parkar (Coming Shortly)

The film will high light all the endangering issues in Nagar Parker, that have threatened the land, its people and its wildlife all alike. In doing so the film will automatically portray a mix of the present, past and the predicted future of Nagar Parker in the light of its endangered existence (Wild Life and civilization). The focus will be on the word ENDANGERED.

The film will establish that due to extensive unchecked Hunting and poaching the Wild life is under serious threat in Nagar Parker. On top of this issue the climatic changes has also broke all the hell by shifting seasons and hence shifting water holes, the life line of the desert. Even the eons old migration of cranes and lot of other species of migratory birds are on decline like the few unfortunate ones. The ones who did not change their directions towards safer pastures were hunted down to extinction on their breeding grounds for which they flew thousands of kilometers at the end of their yearly journeys.

To keep the creative element alive, film will be narrated by the spirit of Marvi.

Marvi was a once famous Heroine of a great myth associated with our land in focus. This tale of Marvi's love for her birth Place is fading fast from peoples' minds and hence endangering the legend itself. Our story will bring the spirit of Marvi back to life who by the tone of her narration will establish an appeal to the audience to keep her alive by saving her beloved land, its people and its wildlife.

Eco-zones of Pakistan (Coming Shortly)

Our organization is now planning to prepare documentary in collaboration with a renowned expert T.J Roberts on the 11 Eco-zones of Pakistan. From Khunjrab down till Arabian Sea this film will elaborately show all the 11 eco-zones of Pakistan with the emphasize on the specifically rich flora fauna heritage and culture.