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With a view to supplement the efforts of the Government, SWAN plans to effectively and sustainably address the plight of wildlife in Pakistan through a people centric approach. Such an approach shall in time lead not only to supplementing the efforts in this regard but also involving various interest groups and stakeholders in a successful public-private partnership.

It also aims at providing necessary linkages coordination and integration of initiatives for the protection and promotion of wildlife with the social, political and cultural development of Pakistan at various levels.

As a first step towards this ambitious goal, documentaries have been prepared. The first in this series comes under the caption "Beauty of Wetlands in Pakistan". Mr. Khurshid Mahmood Kasuri, the then Foreign Minister of Pakistan very kindly consented to grace its launching ceremony on 23rd May 2005. That was aired by all prominent Tv channels on 2nd February 2006, on the International Wetland day.

Dignitaries and guests were invited to witness a great feat of wildlife preservation in Sindh. A second documentary "Natural Treasures of Khairour" was viewed in Sindh club Karachi on 2nd September 2006. This was an accomplishment of HH Mir Ali Murad Khan Talpur and his son Prince Mir Mehdi Raza Khan Talpur in Preserving and protecting forest, wildlife and heritage in District Khairpur Sindh.

Dr T.J Roberts a world renowned Ecologist very generously acknowledged the initiative and offered to Support and advancement of the cause of SWAN.

The documentary was also viewed in Pakistan High Commission London in October 2006.

For the preservation of fast disappearing Species of Cranes, inspired by the dedication of Dr George Archibald Co. founder of ICF (International Crane Foundation) Wisconsin USA, and Mr. Ashiq Ahmed khan Chief Technical Advisor WWF Pakistan, our organizations stepped forward to join hands with them resulting in the launch of documentary on "Cranes Of Pakistan" portraying there current status, threats to their existence emanating from an adverse interaction with the people of this region. The documentary suggests ways to scale down such threats through Education and Awareness campaigns and restructuring policies on the issue.

The documentary has already yielded very encouraging results by motivating and mobilizing the general public and the local administration to dramatically curb trapping thus preventing 1000s of cranes from netting and tragic fate.It was viewed in ICF(International Crane Foundation) Wisconsin USA followed by lectures by Ghazanfar Ali Khan Langah President SWAN (Save Wildlife and Nature) Organization.

In the mission of awareness program amongst student and public SWAN has joined hands with the international Marine Scientists specializing in Cetaceans and Corals Dr Mauvis Gore and Dr Rupert Ormond our exploration of rich and diverse aquatic life along the coastal areas of Pakistan, offers promising prospects for its detailed documentations for education, awareness, preservation, study and research.

On the desire of Mr. Ashiq Ahmad Khan Chief Technical Advisor WWF - Pakistan 3rd documentary "Chilgoza and life" was prepared on 20-6-07 portraying the importance of chilgoza forest ecosystem and its impact on the associated communities.

Our organization is now planning to prepare documentary in collaboration with T.J Roberts on the 11 Eco-zones Of Pakistan.

SWAN has 4 more documentaries in pipe-line that will be portraying the conditions of wild life in areas like Hingol, Kirther, Nagar & Khunjrab. They will be released soon in the coming year.

We feel proud to declare that the Income Tax Department, vide its notification No# E/361/1060&1 dated 91-Q2-2006 has provided a waiver for making financial contribution to SWAN.

We take this opportunity to present our credentials for your consideration towards making contributions for the noble cause of "Saving Wildlife and Nature" in Pakistan. Open your heart.

Wildlife in Pakistan deserves more than just a marginal importance and focus in Pakistan.

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